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I provide consulting services and support in engineering litigation matters so that you can present your case with confidence. 

When you need to effectively present evidence or expert testimony, our Litigation Support Services team is on your side.

Joshua B. Kardon + Co offers litigation consulting as well as pre-, post- and in-trial jury consulting services and expert testimony. We assist clients with a wide range of trial services, from focus group research and initial case preparation to courtroom observations and juror interviews.


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Stucco Over Foam FailureStucco Over Foam Failure
Stucco Over Foam Failure
Pleasanton, CA 2005. Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2021
Thermal expansion of foam cornices caused cracks in the stucco coating, leading to water-caused damage to interior finishes.  JBK+Co performed a structural evaluation of the analysis of the foam and stucco to help determine the cause of the cracks.
Landslide FatalityLandslide Fatality
Landslide Fatality
Mill Valley 2007. Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2021
Mudflow during heavy rains struck a residence, resulting in the death of an owner of the house.  JBK+Co produced an engineering design of structural repairs of the house to assist in the determination of monetary damages.

Claim Alleging Adjacent Rail Line Caused Loosening of Hold Down NutClaim Alleging Adjacent Rail Line Caused Loosening of Hold Down Nut
Claim Alleging Adjacent Rail Line Caused Loosening of Hold Down Nut
Oakland 2013. Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2021
Spaces developed between hold down nuts and the hold down hardware.  The cause was attributed by others to vibrations transmitted through the ground and air from a nearby rail line, causing the loosening of the nuts.  JBK+Co showed the cause was actually shrinkage of the timber framing assemblies, not vibration.
Residence Design and Construction DefectsResidence Design and Construction Defects
Residence Design and Construction Defects
Oakland, 2005. Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2021
JBK+Co was retained to develop and report on intrusive investigation procedures to evaluate engineering design and construction defects at a newly constructed single-family residence in Oakland.