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Firth of Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1889 Fowler and Baker.  Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2023

Structural Engineering Design

I see structural engineering as a combination of science, art, and service, and I strive to excel in each of those facets of the profession. 

Litigation Support

I provide consulting and expert services to support the resolution of disputes involving construction defects, structural failures, and professional negligence. 

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Joshua’s studies and doctoral dissertation have established his reputation as a leader in the field of structural engineering.
Image of a large bridgeImage of a large bridge
Narai Kiso-no-Ohashi Bridge
Photo 2016 Copyright Joshua B. Kardon 2021

Early involvement of the structural engineer results in better project outcomes for the owner and for the architect.

Architects know that structural engineering is only a portion of the work necessary for a successful project. By the terms of their licenses, California Architects have to know how to do the structural engineering of a project, and they can take responsibility for the structural engineering for any building except hospitals. However, because most building projects are complex, even (or especially) the small residential remodel projects, architects and owners turn to engineers who practice structural engineering to provide their professional services. Ideally, the involvement of a such an engineer results in more economical construction and better structural performance of a building. This is most likely to occur when structural engineering is included in the design process from the very beginning.